Skull Tattoos with Girly Design

New Skull Tattoos for WomenSkull Tattoos for Women 2015Awesome Skull Tattoos for WomenSkull designs for women are a kind of evolution which is usually thought of as something morbid and scary. The skull does not always have to be shown as something frightening or morbid, even with a skull design women can stay still feminine and elegant. The design would be different for men and it would show their masculinity. To get a feminine look, it can be attached and decorated with flowers or bright colors. The size can also vary from small to large. To get idea for your design of a skull, there are some design inspirations for you here.

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The first design is a black monochromic skull for the thigh. It is designed quite gothic with a morbid skull. To achieve a feminine look, it is attached with a butterfly which is leaning on the top and a rose on the bottom. To add a spiritual element, it is attached with a cross necklace. Skull designs for women also can use the floral skull. If you are not into a skull design, but you are willing to have something different, you can try to make this design feminine. This tattoo is a kind of colorful, with flowers that are arranged into skull shape. The eyes, forehead and all over the parts are designed with flowers also.
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The last design idea of a skull for women is the badass skull design. It is for those of you who want something extreme in a design. It is designed with black color with holes on the eyes and nose. The feminine touch is designed with roses all over the skull. Every inch of skull is covered with roses which make it looks really great. Those are some design ideas you can take as inspiration for the skull design. If feminine touches are added, the skull will not be something frightening, it will look really artistic.
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