Sugar Skull Thigh Tattoo: Pretty Sweet Tattoo Placement

Amazing Sugar Skull Thigh TattooNew Sugar Skull Thigh TattooSmall Sugar Skull Thigh TattooSugar skull thigh is one best areas for the placement of this design. It looks really good on women who love to tattoo their body. Even sugar skull design is a kind of sacred thing which is represented about the honor for the death of a person. In this modern day it has become one of the popular designs which can be placed on any part of body. To get perfect design on your thigh, there are some designs you can choose for a sugar skull.

Girly Sugar Skull Thigh TattooFlower Sugar Skull Thigh TattooSugar Skull Thigh Tattoo IdeasIf you decide to make sugar skull design, it means you already know the elements that must be attached. Those elements are about the size, bright colors, flowers and writing on the forehead. Those elements will make your sugar skull thigh design to be meaningful. The first design is a festive sugar skull with creeping roses. The backdrop of this design is creeping roses with leafs and combine  small blue flowers. The skull is ornamented with flowers as well and carving style. The skull eyes are made with purple flowers as the contact. The writing forehead is designed with colorful water drops, while on the chin is a blue dot.

Easy Sugar Skull Thigh TattooAwesome Sugar Skull Thigh TattooSugar Skull Thigh Tattoo PlacementThe second design is a sugar skull with bible and yellow flowers. This is brilliant design which is made with bright yellow flowers as the backdrop and grasses surround the skull. The skull is designed in white color and carving style. The eye is designed with full black color and layered with purple. The forehead is attached with a small bible. Those are two design ideas you can choose and take as inspiration to honor and commemorate the dead person you loved.
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