Popular Lip Tattoos

Heart line on pink bottom area.Dino lip tattooFirst of all, a lip tattoo is a funny thing. If you are a woman and want to have your own funny secret, a lip tattoo is something that can be considered to become this secret. You can have any drawing on your lip. First of all, black images on the internal part of a lip become quite popular now. Stars, dinosaurs, skulls, flowers, hearts can be drawn there. Colorful tattoo can be made on your lips as well. This is unusual, but quite interesting and in many cases beautiful decoration of your face.

Heaven Lip Tattoos2pac Lip tattooNot all tattoo fans are for lip tattoos. They prefer tattoos on their bodies, since a lip tattoo is not always safe. Indeed, you have to think properly, if you really need a tattoo on your lip and be aware of the risk it may be provided with. Just be careful with your lip during some time after making a tattoo. Pay attention to its state and try not to hurt it.

Violent Lips Temporary Lip TattoosFun lip tattoosActually, a lot of ideas for a lip tattoo can be used. As you have understood, you can choose any design for your lip tattoo. Just think what tattoo you want to have and make it your little secret. Some people say that it is just fun and nothing more, but with the help of this tattoo you can become special and differ from others. No matter that this tattoo is not clearly seen, you will always know that you are special inside.Anarchy lip tattooMen Lip Tattoos Lips tattoo on neck by MalitiaLips Tattoo : Lips Xoxo Tattoo

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