Half Sleeve Cross Tattoo for Girls

color combination for cross tattooBride sleeve tattooCross sleeve tattoo for girlWe are back. Today, it is not taboo for females to show ink on their body. Cross design has always been popular for males, as a symbol of Christianity, a symbol of love or simply because it can just look great.
Females have decided it is time for them to show how fabulous a cross design can look. The female cross does tend to be more delicate in design and can also symbolize Christianity or a symbol of love. The design can be very simplistic and still be very affective. The cross can be left basic without any backfill or can be very detailed with words of love or names of loved ones. The cross may show a date that signifies an important time in your life. You cross may be filled with hearts or roses, showing that you are a very warm and loving person full of passion. This is when you would introduce color to accentuate the detail.If you are choosing the cross as a symbol of Christianity, you may want to consider an angel for the backfill rather than Jesus as this is less dramatic and more delicate for a female.Hey we have lots of ideas and designs for your half sleeve cross tattoo. Have a look and hope you can find what you after inpopulartattooideas.com

Cross sleve design for girlfloral half sleeve tattoo for womenFemale Half Sleeve Rose Tattoo

5 Photos of the Half Sleeve Cross Tattoo for Girls

floral half sleeve tattoo for womenCross sleeve tattoo for girlBride sleeve tattoo

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