Guardian Angel Tattoos for Women

Angel Tattoo DesignsWarrior Guardian Angel TattooCool Guardian Angel Tattoos for WomenGuardian Angel Tattoos for Women is just one design that is very popular with females. It is usually very dramatic in design and characteristics with large wings surrounding the angel and a cross can be incorporated in the design. Mothers are choosing to use the face of their child with the wings surrounding it as a guardian angel and the name or names of the children are incorporated. Some people choose to incorporate the family pet. You may choose a Family Guardian Angel and include the names of your family in the design. Designs often include roses and the names of those close to you and the people you are looking to protect. Roses will always soften the design and as mentioned before, the guardian angel is typically a dramatic design. It would usually be placed on the chest, back or upper arm, due to the size and the fullness of the wings.

Angel Sleeve Tattoos for MenGuardian Angel Tattoos for WomenAngel Tattoos for WomenAll statues of guardian angels have very large wings that are always larger than the body of the angel. Color is not often used however, color will soften the design. A guardian angel is meant to travel with you to provide guidance, protection and to direct you along the right path. The guardian angel dates back to the 5th century in Christianity.
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