Laughing Buddha Tattoo

Upper arm laughing Buddha tattoo designLaughing Buddha tattoo idea upper handLaughing Buddha tattoo for your inner armIf you are looking for a fun design, the laughing Buddha is the one for you. The laughing Buddha symbolizes happiness, wellbeing and joy. In Feng Shui he is used as a positive aspirations to obtain things such as wealth, abundance, good health and success. The Chinese are great believers in the laughing Buddha’s abilities in bringing good luck and fortune. There are very few Chinese businesses that do not display a laughing Buddha.
Inner bicep red Buddha Tattoo ideaFunny laughing Buddha tattoo ideaForearm laughing Buddha tattoo ideaIf you are choosing a laughing Buddha design to attract good fortune you would include treasure situated around him.
This design can be placed on any part of the body. Color helps to characterize the Buddha and show him as the lively, fun loving character that he is. It has always been believed that the laughing Buddha is only to be placed on a fat stomach. This is not the case, as it can look great on an upper arm, forearm, or even the ankle area.
Always remember in the planning stage of the design, he should always be laughing and enjoying life and placing objects of wealth around him, such as gold bars, jewels, gold chains will bring you the wealth and good fortune you are seeking. He always looks happiest when his arms are in the air and he gives the impression of partying and having a great time.

Laughing Buddha Tattoo on your belly ideaBuddha tattoo on belly full colorsBuddha tattoo designThis kind of design will surely make all of the people around you laugh. Hey, we have provided ideas and design for your tattoo in our gallery. Please have a look and visit if you need information about tattoo. Happy reading
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