Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo

Hawaiian tribal tattoo historyHawaiian tribal tatoo design for menAmazing hawaiian tribal tattoo on shoulder for menWe would like to draw your attention to a special kind of design: Hawaiian tribal tattoo! If you familiar with Hawaiian designs and culture then take a look at the designs we showcase and learn about the Hawaiian culture.
Hawaiian Arm TattoosSimple hawaiian tribal tattoo designBird hawaiian tribal tattooLike other islands, the Polynesians are very religious and this is shown in a lot of their designs.
When the Polynesians first started tattooing their bodies, it was known as “kakau” and the method was very painful back then.
Their designs are very bold and it was a very painful application. It was a way of showing how brave they were because of the pain endured. The only color used back then was black, due to ash being used to create the design.

Tribal head tattooIsland Flower tattooNow days with our sophisticated technology, color has been introduced and is used a lot in the female designs to showcase exotic flowers and animals. The more traditional flowers are the frangipani, hibiscus and the pink cottage rose.

Polynesian tribal tattooHawaiian triball tattoo and meaningsHook tattooThe male designs tend to stick to the old tradition of the bold black warrior type of tribal tattoo. These designs are large and very geometric with a boldness that is deserving of a warrior. The warrior would always base the design around a spear head to show he was ready to defend his tribe at any time. The Hawaiian’s like to use animals in their designs and the most common are, lizards, turtles, dolphins and sharks. Most tribal designs will cover the entire arm or the whole chest or back.
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