Dragon Tattoo for Your Back

Japanese dragon tattooJapanese dragon tattoo designDragon tattoo wingsDo you feel that you are a strong person? Do you want to symbolize power? Then you have to think about a massive tattoo that will look perfect on your body. As an option, a wing tattoo symbolizes strength. It can symbolize your faith and spirituality. A popular design to show your Christianity, is displaying Jesus with wings attached to his body.

Half wing dragon tattooDragon with wings tattoo ideaDragon wings tattoo backA wing design can have many different meanings. It may not just be the wings of a bird that you choose. Wings of a butterfly can look unbelievably beautiful and you then have many options for color infill. With wing designs, they usually incorporate other different objects depending of the meaning of the wings to you. Some ideas to think about are, a heart displaying wings. The wings could be incorporated and displayed with your guardian angel.

Dragon Back TattooDark dragon wings tattoo designAnd, of course, if we are talking about a wing design, we have to mention a dragon as well.Dragon designs are usually placed on a back. They are strong and powerful. This drawing requires some space that is why a male strong back is a perfect spot for it. There is also a great idea for those who want to have a dragon design, but need something unusual. This is a double dragon design. Two similar dragons drawn on your back will look at each other and symbolize double strength. When there is a case of mythological creatures, you may let your imagination run free. Do not limit yourself to the conventional dragon wing design. You can opt for dragon fly wings.Black dragon wings tattoo

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