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Strong Dragon Tattoo IdeaMythical Chinese Dragon Tatto IdeasDragon Tattoo Idea for MenWe are sure you know that a dragon tattoo can be good for both men and women. There are a lot of variants how a dragon can be depicted in your tattoo. Big or not very big dragons, black or colorful dragons, everything is possible here. You can choose any spot on your body to have a dragon. A dragon will look perfectly on your back, but in a case of small sizes it can be drawn on your forearm or leg.

Dragon Tattoo Ideas for Your ShoulderDragon Tattoo Idea for Your ShoulderDragon Tattoo Idea with FireA dragon tattoo can be a reflection of your character. If you are a man, everyone will understand that you have great power, that you are strong and self-confident. But if you are a woman, you may also have a dragon tattoo wherever you want. In this case others can think that despite your beauty there is a risk of annoying you in a case of inappropriate behavior. Besides, as you know, a dragon means a snake, so no one will doubt that you are able to do some a little bit sly things.

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Combining a dragon image with other images is possible. A dragon is a nice character for showing it in different states. It can be furious, surrounded with fire, or calm and thinking, with a garden full of roses or some mythological creatures around. Do not doubt that you have a great imagination. And as for dragon tattoos, this imagination will know no limits at all.
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Best dragon tattoo for big size

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