Cross Tattoo On Arms

The designs of the cross are without a doubt, very vibrant and can be very colourful.

Praying hands and cross tattoo designHalf sleeve cross tattoo with praying handsHalf sleeve cross tattoo with wingsCross tattooThe Cross was worn to identify Christianity, and a religious symbol. If you were wanting to show it as a symbol of Christianity, you would have a very dramatic Jesus Christ hanging from the cross. Always remember, there are a lot of non-religious crosses that you can choose from if you do not want to symbolise it with religion.

Today the cross has been transformed into many stylish designs. There are many cross designs to choose from, you can then design the art to be placed inside or around the cross. Some popular designs include flowers, such as roses with a vine entangled around the cross. You may choose to have a poem or a verse written within the cross.

Large celtic cross half sleeve tattoo designsHalf sleeve cross tattoo design for menAngel and cross tattoo ahlf sleeveWings of a bird attached to the cross is another idea. You may choose to have an animal as the backdrop, such as a Dragon. The cross can resemble a piece of jewellery with a beaded chain flowing from it. The cross can also show the name or picture of someone very dear to you from the past or the present. It can be a simple design, nothing but a cross which can look very elegant for females.

If you are the one that want to show your cross, choose a half sleeve cross would be good. We provide ideas and designs. Have a look at our art gallery and we hope you find out what you after in!
3D celtic cross half sleeve tattooHalf sleeve cross tatoo idea

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