Zebra Tattoo and Owl Tattoo Ideas

Pretty Owl Tattoo IdeasAwesome Owl Tattoo IdeasOwl Tattoo Sleeve IdeasWell, you can think that there is nothing more special about tattoos with animals. But this is not true. Now we would like to tell you about zebra tattoos. A tattoo of this kind can be both funny and serious. There is no need to say that this animal is always enchanting, and its colors will look really nice on your body.

Amazing Zebra Tattoo IdeasZebra Tattoo Ideas for GirlsCute Zebra Tattoo IdeasFirst, you can have a zebra itself depicted on your body. To add some interesting details you can use various interesting elements at the background. For instance, a bar code, which is similar to a zebra in colors, can be drawn behind the animal. This can be a bar code of your country, for example. Except of zebra, some other things reminding this animal can be permanently drawn on your body. It can be a black-and-white star or a heart of the same colors. Let us call this kind of tattoos a zebra-style tattoo.

Dramatic Owl Tattoo IdeasCool Owl Tattoo IdeasIf you would like to have something dramatic, but still cute, a tattoo depicting a dramatic owl can be made. The owl can be of different sizes and colors. All this is up to you. Besides, any spot of your body will be good for this bird, even if it is a finger. Well, a ring tattoo reminding an owl will look quite impressive. Together with it some other elements can be drawn. An owl will look good with red roses, thorns, trees, some mystical details. Just choose the look of your new tattoo according to your taste.

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