Tribal Sleeve Tattoo Designs with Aztec Theme

Tribal sleeve designs are definitely one of the favourites for the sleeve tattoo. However, the tribal design is something common so that you might be able to find the similar looking tattoo owned by more than two men. If you want to have a tribal sleeve with a distinctive design, then the Aztec theme is worthwhile taking a look at.

For your information, the Aztec theme is not a new design in the world of tattoo. However, the Aztec theme is not chosen very often for the arm.  However, when you are looking for an Aztec theme, you might want to look for the real Aztec symbol.  You will have a greater chance of getting the tribal sleeve tattoo designs with the Aztec theme. If you the symbol already, you can ask the artist to recreate the symbol into the nice looking tattoo on your arm.

Tribal abstractive shoulder tattoo image Cute tribal design with flowerThe sleeve design only focus on the area of your arm, if you want to have something better, you can use other areas of your body, such as the chest and back. Tribal designs work well on these parts also. However, this kind of idea is only recommended for those who have a considerably buff body. If you are the type who has a thin body, then you might not want to try this kind of idea.  An Aztec theme on the sleeve can be very distinctive and you would be making a very bold statement.

Aztec symbols have a very deep cultural meaning, so it is always wise to know what the meaning for the symbol you have chosen is. The meaning of the symbol should always be in line with who you are, and how you view your life at the time of having the tattoo applied. An Aztec sleeve is a very bold statement that will represent who you are.

Design of celtic tribal sleeve tattoo Photo of tribal sleeve design on the right handAztec tattoos are beautiful, and there is one for everybody. If you are looking for meaning and meaning is important for you, you will need to show it off. You will need to put it where it is visible. If you are choosing the Aztec calendar, please consider carefully, due to the intricacy. Put a lot of thought into the colours you are going to use, this would also require the entire back.

Some of the more important symbols of the Aztecs were, the sun-god who was believedto guard the Heavens. In Aztec religion, there was more than one sun-god. As farmers, the Aztecs knew the importance of the sun-god and their crops would not flourish without the sun. The Aztecs sacrificed humans for the sun-god. They did not choose any human, it had to be a very attractive male or female or a very brave warrior. If you were an ordinary person you were not worthy of being sacrificed.

The eagle was the symbol of strength, power and courage. The eagle was worn by warriors to symbolise their strength and courage. The eagle is a military order given in the Aztec culture. Eagles are the symbol of the sun and eagles are soldiers of the sun. The Aztec warriors were continually in battle and the eagle was given to those who took the most prisoners who would be sacrificed to the Aztec gods.

Tribal Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs for MenAztec Tribal Sleeve Tattoo DesignsTribal Sleeve Tattoo Designs for MenThe most intricate symbol is the calendar. Within the design are many creatures and each creature is representative of a month. There are two Aztec calendars, one has 365 days and the other 260 days. The calendar was carved from basalt and was dedicated to the sun-god. The calendar stone is a masterpiece from artist of that era.  It shows the Aztec understanding of time. The detailing of the surface combines the Aztecs belief in their gods.

The crocodile is also a very popular Aztec design. It is not shown as we would think of a crocodile, it tends to take on more of a dragon type look. The Aztecs saw the crocodile as a sea monster which is why they drew it showing a part as a toad and a part of a fish, ending up looking more like a dragon then a crocodile.

Tribal Full Sleeve Tattoo Designs
Tribal Arm Sleeve Tattoo DesignsTribal Half Sleeve Tattoo DesignsThe feathered serpent is another popular symbol. The feathered serpent was very powerful in the Aztec culture, he is the patron God of priesthood and believed to be the most powerful God. A flying serpent looks like a reptile, much like a dragon. The feathered is believed to be the most powerful of the Aztec gods.

The warrior god is also another popular symbol. The warrior god is the ultimate God and was invisible. He was known to be a warrior god. He would only make his presence felt of an evening or during a storm when the wind was very strong or during hurricanes.

The warrior symbol was one of high importance. Many times the eagle and the warrior are tattooed alongside one another to show dual strength.

The Aztec’s arrived in central Mexico and it is not know where they came from. It is believed they came from the North, a town called Azltan. The Aztecs were a very religious race and this is something that you should take into consideration before choosing a tribal sleeve tattoo with an Aztec theme.

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