The Sacred Zen Compared to The Adorable Yoga Tattoo Ideas

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The Sacred Zen Tattoo Ideas Compared to  Adorable Yoga Tattoo Ideas

Zen and Yoga Tattoo Ideas – Zen is a sacred symbol for Buddhist that represents the beginning and the ending of life and its circles. Zen designs, even though they look so simple, it is not easy to draw this circular shape. Even the artist of Japan, require daily practice in order to gain a perfect circular pattern. There is the Zen symbol and the Zen circle which are different. The meaning of this symbol has depth. In Japanese kanji, Zen is called ‘enso’. Unlike other design ideas, you cannot change or add something on the original Zen symbol. Zen symbol has no other creative or innovative addition. The beauty and the deep meaning of the Zen, comes from its simplicity. You may choose to incorporate a verse or phrase that has a special meaning to you to the design.
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Zen and Yoga Tattoo Ideas

Yoga is typical exercise which focuses on the maintenance of the mind, the body and your spiritual inner self, and you will find that there are symbols which represent yoga. These symbols are the inspiration for yoga designs. Yoga designs are very feminine, and are the perfect design for females.

Flower Yoga Tattoo IdeasCool Yoga Tattoo IdeasGreat Yoga Tattoo IdeasThe designs of yoga are varied. Some of the examples are lotus flower, Sanskrit’s words that represent “AUM” and “OM”, chakra symbols, hamsa symbols and words like Namaste or breath. For the words like Namaste and breath, you freely translate it into Sanskrit’s words to make them more unique. The word YOGA can be used creatively in the design displaying the symbols within it or around it. When applying a Yoga symbol it is always in black ink and color is not used. The exception would be if you were to incorporate a flower, then color would be used.
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