Temporary Skull Face Tattoo for Death Celebration

Cool Sugar Skull Face TattooSugar Skull Face Makeup Temporary TattooHalloween Sugar Skull Face TattooSugar Skull Face Tattoo MeaningSugar skulls are the symbols of the day of dead, and skull tattoos are quite popular now. But there is another possibility to have a skull drawing on your… face! Temporary frightening skull makeup will look good at Halloween party, for example. To make this kind of makeup usual cosmetics can be used like foundation, lipstick, eye shadows etc. Special bright paint is the tool by means of which temporary scary tattoos can be made.

Sugar Skull Face Chest TattooDay of The Dead Sugar Skull Face TattoosTraditional Sugar Skull Face TattooFirst, don’t forget that your temporary skull tattoo must have all the sugar skull elements. Then remember that your face must be totally clean and fat-free before you start making your skull makeup. You apply foundation, let it dry, and after that apply your make up. A lot of kinds of design are available. You could use spider web design, for instance. Colors can be different – your mouth can be black or totally white. Your chin, forehead, and cheeks can be painted with scary ornaments as well.

Sugar Skulls Face Makeup TattooSugar Skull Temporary Face TattooSugar Skull Face TattooHow to wash off this temporary makeup? Warm water and facial foam will be enough to get rid of paint. In addition, facial cleanser can be used to make the face cleaner and more shining. Cold water will be good in this case as well. So don’t be afraid to stand out of others and surprise people with your audacity and imagination.
Colorful Sugar Skull Face TattoosSugar Skull Face Tattoo with Flowers

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