Sugar Skull Tattoos with Flowers

Sugar Skull Tattoo with FlowersSugar Skull Sleeve TattoosBaby Sugar Skull TattoosSugar skull tattoos with flowers are designs as the combination of spooky and beauty design. Sugar skull tattoo is designed more artistic and aesthetic with complex pattern and color combination. There are lots of designs of sugar skull tattoo you can design yourself. Moreover, the size are also variants; small, medium or even large. Even it design with flower, it does not mean it is only for girl, men are also able to paint it on their body to show their tattoo’s passion. In this article today, we are going to give you some designs of sugar skull tattoo you may like and take as inspiration to design a great skull tattoo.

Sugar Skull Tattoo for GuysSugar Skull Tattoos ArtTraditional Sugar Skull Tattoos
The first sugar skull tattoos design is suitable for girly girl. The design of skull is combined with blue, pink, black and orange color. The skull is colored with dark blue and highlight with black. The eyes bone are designed resemble with sun flowers. Those are design with orange sun flower petals surround the eyes. To add girly look, there are two butterflies alighted on the skull.

Sugar Skull Tattoos for Men and Women

The second style is suitable for manly man which is named day of the dead tattoo. It is more colorful and artistic with some bright colors combination; yellow, white, red, green, blue and black. The skull is decorated with carving, hearting and flowering. It is also design with red rose, Indian hat and black butterfly tie. The last design is colorful sugar skull tattoo with red, orange and green colors.

Sugar Skull Tattoo IdeasSugar Skull Girl Tattoo IdeasSugar Skull Tattoos for MenThe skull is colored in orange and ornamented with heart eyes shaped and flowers on the forehead. It is decorated with roses and leafs surround the skull. Those sample design of skull tattoo look really artistic and cute in a same time. Take them as inspiration and combine with your idea of sugar skull tattoos.
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