Small Sugar Skull Tattoo: The Popular Design

The sugar skull tattoo has a deep meaning as the celebration of day of death, but in this modern day this tattoo is really popular. To get the perfect sugar skull even in small size, do not forget the elements of bright color, flower and writing on the forehead. The design and coloring of the skull will be up to you as there isn’t a typical design. Since it is small size, you can place it anywhere. If you want to make this epic popular tattoo idea, take the time to design your own and not copy a design you have seen elsewhere.

Cute Small Sugar Skull Tattoo on feetSugar funny Skull for feet Black and white Skull Tattoo for wrist

Small sugar skull tattoo should also be designed in detail with some colors combinations. The first design you can choose is small skull with roses and weeds. The eyes are designed with roses and yellow dots on the center as the contact. The top side is ornamented with green weed, while the forehead is signed with cross. This small tattoo has about 5cm of diameter that you can place on your inner arm. Second design idea is sugar skull tattoo on foot. It has 10cm diameter with purple, pink, green, yellow and blue of bright color combination as the symbol of happiness for the death person. The backdrop is designed with pink roses, while the skull is colored in soft purple. The top side is decorated with flowers and carving style. The eyes are designed as hearts with yellow flowers as the contact. The forehead is design in blue resembles with water drop.
Small Sugar Skull Foot Tattoo for womenOrange Skull TattooFor the shape of the skull, you can use the traditional square chin or the oaxaca with high cheek bones.
This should give you an idea of where to start with the design and you can then create something that is more suited to you. Always remember, a tattoo is only as individual as you make it.

Small Sugar Skull Tattoo on the woman's hipSkull tattoo for your fingers


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