Skull Tattoo as a Specific Symbol

Sugar Skull Tattoo Meaning IdeasSugar Skull Woman Tattoo MeaningSugar Skull Tattoo MeaningSkull tattoos have their own history. Skulls are the symbols of a great Mexican holiday, the day of dead. During that holiday people decorate the altar with sugar skulls in honor of their dear people who passed away. You can use this kind of idea for your tattoo in honor of someone who was close to you, but, unfortunately, passed away. Remember that each detail of the skull means something.

Sugar Skull and Roses Tattoo MeaningSugar Candy Skull Tattoo MeaningSugar Skull Tattoo MeaningFirst thing which matters is the size of the skull. Small skulls symbolize dead children and large skulls refer to adult people. A person’s name must not be written on the skull, but its forehead cannot be empty as well – some signs should be depicted on it. The signs can be of various shapes. There can be hearts, circles, leaves, flowers or just beautiful ornaments.

Sugar Skull Tattoo Designs MeaningSugar Skull Girl Tattoo MeaningGypsy Sugar Skull Tattoo MeaningAnother tradition is depicting a skull surrounded by flowers. Flowers will help you honor your dear person and show your love to him or her. Marigolds of orange or red colors are more preferable. Skull tattoos should be made in bright colors. The skull must be beautiful to show that the dead person is happy on the other side, that her or his life there is peaceful, and that dead body is still beautiful. In addition, life celebration is symbolized this way.Mexican Sugar Skull Tattoo Meaning

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