Some Shoulder Tattoos That You Can Choose

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Some Shoulder Tattoos That You Can Choose

Shoulder tattoos are very popular, it is arear that is very visual and very popular for males. This area gives men the opportunity to show their masculinity. Designs that incorporate the shoulder and part of the back of the neck can also look incredible. The design would predominately cover the shoulder and trail off up the neck. An example of this would be, a lizard on the shoulder with the tale trailing up the neck.
Tribal designs are very popular for the shoulder, they are bold and a definite statement can be made. If you are choosing a tribal design, it will need to be heavily inked to achieve that bold statement.
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Shoulder Tattoos

For the women, choosing the shoulder area the design would usually be more feminine. Females are choosing bolder designs these days, however the size becomes really important. Always consider the how the design will look when you are wearing clothes that will only show half of the design. You will spend a lot of money creating the masterpiece that may only be half exposed and the affect will be lost.
Another idea for shoulder designs is to incorporate the top section of the arm. An example of this would be, a flower design with a delicate vine trailing down the arm giving a free flowing affect.
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