Romantic Wedding Ring Tattoos Ideas

Men Wedding Ring Tattoo IdeasWedding Ring Tattoo Ideas for WomenIf you and your fiancé are looking for something romantic within you both, wedding ring body art can be the most romantic thing to do. While other people think you might have gone crazy, we strongly believe that it is a unique and gutsy action to show them that you two are actually madly in love with each other. Before choosing the design, you have to consider its model. Celtic patterns are very popular and can be very pretty.

Aztec ring tattooUnique Wedding Ring Tattoo IdeasCute Wedding Ring Tattoo IdeasA simple heart shape with a solid band is attractive as you can add color to the heart.
The female may have a heart with a lock in the centre and the male may have a key on his finger. You might choose an interlocking design, where the female has one half and the male the other. Think outside the square, they do not have to resemble wedding bands, it is the meaning behind the design.

Small Wedding Ring Tattoo IdeasCouple Wedding Ring Tattoo IdeasIt is recommended to use simple design and dark pigments to minimize fading, and you certainly will not loose it down the toilet bowl.
The most important thing is to commit to taking care of it very gently. Check out our gallery for inspirations!Wedding Ring Tattoo IdeasWedding Ring Finger Tattoo Ideas

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