Exotic Japanese and Vietnamese Tattoo Ideas

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Exotic Japanese Tattoo Ideas – Vietnamese Tattoo Ideas on the Back

Japanese and Vietnamese  Ideas – Having a Japanese or Vietnamese design would be considered as decorating your body. Besides having a beautiful decoration for your body, you will be showcasing a masterpiece. Japanese ideas can be the drawing of geisha, sakura tree or anything that is related to Japanese style. Dogs are very important to the Japanese and a dog will show their wealth status.  You can also decorate your body with some decorative drawings that are related to Japanese style and incorporate a dog in the design. Most designs are made in colourful patterns as the Japanese culture is very colourful. Japanese artist use a lot of colour in their paintings and their flowers are very colourful.
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Japanese and Vietnamese Tattoo Ideas

If you are looking for a design for your back, a Vietnamese design might be something for you to consider. One idea that you can try, is the Vietnam merchant design. This design is best placed on the chest area and to make it more interesting you can add images of things that would be sold by merchants.
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