Best X-Files Tattoo Ideas

Best Design and X-Files Tattoo Ideas for Men

Tattoos for men are so diverse that a novice, who has not yet decided what design to choose, can do it endlessly! Style, character and orientation of the pattern can tell a lot about the personality of the male owner. Men’s tattoos in every age were not just a decoration: special symbolism that they currently carry, were indicating their status and position in society. Today the men’s tattoos have not […]

Classic japanese tattoo idea for men on back

Japanese Tattoo Writing for Your Forearm

Japan – is a fascinating country with its own old history, the mystical culture, unique art of writing. The latter feature attracts people from other countries to study its oriental culture of writing. Especially popular tattoos in the form of characters. The best place for a Japanese design is a shoulder or forearm. You can choose any word that aptly describes you or your outlook, and place it on your […]

Superman Logo Tattoo Ideas

Amazing Disney and Superman Tattoo Ideas for You

Incredible Disney and Superman Tattoo Ideas Were you fond of cartoons made by Disney when you were a child? And do you still adore them? If this is the case, we can offer you nice design ideas. You have a chance to choose your favorite character from Disney cartoons and have it depicted on your body. It can be Peter Pan, Goofy, Winnie the Pooh, Pinocchio or even… Alice in […]

Beautiful Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Girls

These are well known subject areas in woman tattoo design. Nowadays, many ladies are certainly not fear to try larger tattoos on their body. The misconceptions which say that women are certainly not suitable for body art or tattoos just like for the men don’t usually apply in our modern society anymore. Ladies have more flexibility to work with body art like they acquire a perfume or fashions. They prefer […]

Amazing Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs Based on Your Best Parts

Half sleeve tattoo designs sometime become a considerably hard thing to think. That is because you can find a lot of designs for the half sleeve tattoo. If you are also confuse about the design that you want to use for the half sleeve tattoo, and then you might want to understand the best parts that you have first. This is one important thing to consider so that you will […]

Sugar Skull Tattoo Ideas

Sugar Skull Tattoos with Flowers

Sugar skull tattoos with flowers are designs as the combination of spooky and beauty design. Sugar skull tattoo is designed more artistic and aesthetic with complex pattern and color combination. There are lots of designs of sugar skull tattoo you can design yourself. Moreover, the size are also variants; small, medium or even large. Even it design with flower, it does not mean it is only for girl, men are […]