Yankees Symbol Tattoo Ideas

Awesome Yankees and Unique Baseball Tattoo Ideas

Baseball has been a part of the American culture dating back to the 1800’s. They are passionate about the baseball. New York has 2 baseball teams and the Yankees are from the Bronx which is a popular part of town for tattoos. Yankee Stadium holds over 52,000 people and they play to a full house continually. You will see people from all walks of life, the movie stars and celebrities […]

Hawaiian Arm Tattoos

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo

We would like to draw your attention to a special kind of design: Hawaiian tribal tattoo! If you familiar with Hawaiian designs and culture then take a look at the designs we showcase and learn about the Hawaiian culture. Like other islands, the Polynesians are very religious and this is shown in a lot of their designs. When the Polynesians first started tattooing their bodies, it was known as “kakau” […]

feather tattoo design on the hip

3D Abstract Tattoos Ideas

3D stands for three dimensional and having three dimensional form. Any graphics or object can be projected in 3D nowadays. Previously we were viewing objects in 2D. 3D is a new way of viewing an object, it gives additional depth. Every person in the world is unique, so it is normal when someone wants to have a unique design. Making a design is a real art, and as with some […]

Cool Simple Tribal Tattoos

Simple Tribal Tattoo for the Newbie

Once you have made the decision to get inked, you then have the dilemma of choosing a design. In this case we can recommend having a simple tribal design. It looks accurate and can say a lot about your preferences and your character at the same time. A tribal design is usually a very bold statement however it can be toned down. A tribal ankle/foot design is very popular! It […]

large inner arm bird tattoo

The Sexy Impression of the Inner Arm Bird Tattoos

Want to look sexy all the time? There is no need to visit doctors for a surgery that can make you look sexier! Just think of a stylish inner arm design! Don’t be afraid to appear naughty for other people. You have a right for your own tattoo, especially if it is situated in a right place… And especially if it is cute. We encourage females to depict birds on […]

Simple Quote Tattoos for Men

Quote designs are very popular with males. Some males choose quiet long verses that will take up most of the back or chest, while others may only choose a couple of words. If you choose a long verse, you might consider a scroll as its backdrop. A quote can still be very artistic, incorporating borders and outlines, shading and color. The quote may be in English or another language. You […]