Sugar Skull Face Makeup Temporary Tattoo

Temporary Skull Face Tattoo for Death Celebration

Sugar skulls are the symbols of the day of dead, and skull tattoos are quite popular now. But there is another possibility to have a skull drawing on your… face! Temporary frightening skull makeup will look good at Halloween party, for example. To make this kind of makeup usual cosmetics can be used like foundation, lipstick, eye shadows etc. Special bright paint is the tool by means of which temporary […]

Rose And Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Rose and Butterfly Tattoo Design

Artistic tattoos are always unbelievable. If you are looking for something beautiful for your body, you may choose rose and butterfly tattoo. You know that rose tattoos have always been popular, but in combination with butterflies those roses look even brighter. Butterflies make tattoos more vivid or, we may say, full of life. As you know, love for life, joy, and tenderness are usually in trend. There is a possibility […]

Rose combination tattoo design on arms

Amazing Flower Tattoo

A flower tattoo is a popular thing now. At the same time, it remains charming and can be unusual. Many people who want to make a tattoo prefer having a flower on their bodies. Not only roses can be drawn on your body, though these flowers look really nice. There is a possibility to choose lilies, poppies or tulips which can be either of their usual shades or to be […]

Dark dragon wings tattoo design

Dragon Tattoo for Your Back

Do you feel that you are a strong person? Do you want to symbolize power? Then you have to think about a massive tattoo that will look perfect on your body. As an option, a wing tattoo symbolizes strength. It can symbolize your faith and spirituality. A popular design to show your Christianity, is displaying Jesus with wings attached to his body. A wing design can have many different meanings. […]

half sleeves tattoo for women

Female Half Sleeve Tattoos

Many girls adore half sleeve tattoos now. As you can see, not only small tattoos are popular, girls are ready to let bigger body areas be decorated with bright painting. As a result, all of them are satisfied with the tattoos they have, because those drawings match their female owners perfectly. This is not a big surprise, since each girl has a chance to choose what tattoo reflects her character, […]

Twin Baby Tattoo Ideas

Twin and Sibling Tattoo Ideas for Family Relationship

Family Tattoo Ideas Now we are going to tell you about tattoo ideas for twins and siblings. A twin tattoo is nice for twins who want to show their connection. For example, you can use the same quotes on your bodies or have one half of a drawing on your body and another half on your twin’s body. Just choose something that can be divided into two parts! Isn’t it […]