Popular Lip Tattoos

First of all, a lip tattoo is a funny thing. If you are a woman and want to have your own funny secret, a lip tattoo is something that can be considered to become this secret. You can have any drawing on your lip. First of all, black images on the internal part of a lip become quite popular now. Stars, dinosaurs, skulls, flowers, hearts can be drawn there. Colorful tattoo can be made on […]

Knuckle Tattoo as a Perfect Idea

Your fingers can be a perfect spot for a tattoo. Use your knuckles to say some words or express something you would like to express. There are a lot of ideas for this kind of tattoo. First of all, you can have some similar images on your fingers. They could be: hearts, rings, ornaments, stars, etc. But some inscription is also possible. You can write some word or words on your knuckles. It is up […]

Rose Tattoo to Show Your Charm

Even such a widespread flower as a rose can give a way to your imagination, especially if this flower is depicted in a tattoo. Roses are drawn on girls’ bodies mostly, but it does not mean that a man cannot have a rose tattoo. He just has to combine the rose with some other, more male images, such as guns, for example. But still, a rose is a good means for a girl to show […]

RIP Tattoo in Honor of Your Dear One

It is always sad to loose someone whom you really loved. But, unfortunately, it happens to all of us at least once in our lives. We want to have some memory about those people, something that could remind us of the days spent together. If you would like to have a RIP tattoo, it is a nice possibility to perpetuate your dear people who, alas, have passed away: your parents, grandparents, siblings or someone you […]

Triceps Tattoos and Tribal Sleeve Tattoos for Men

When a person wants to have a new tattoo, he or she always thinks on one of the most urgent questions: what location of the future tattoo will be? Men often choose triceps for a tattoo. The reason is a large area of this body part. If your tattoo is not as big as a tattoo for your back could be, you can easily use your triceps for it. Besides, this is a great possibility […]

Christian Tattoo as One of Religious Tattoos

Your body and your skin could be a nice place to show your faith. Of course, tattoo is not just something about leisure, entertainment or fun. Serious and vital things can also be depicted in a tattoo. Religious tattoos are quite widespread now, because many people want to demonstrate that religion is important for our lives. The most popular religious tattoo is a cross tattoo. It is considered to be a Christian tattoo. A cross […]