Tattoos for men on back-full and arms

Back Tattoos for Men

Back tattoos are very popular with males and they are usually massive. They can comprise of one or many that will work in together to look like it is one. This is when you really need to appear shirtless often, to show off the design you have chosen. A full back is a statement that needs to be shown. The back is very popular these days, even in the modern […]

Cute Small Sugar Skull Tattoo on feet

Small Sugar Skull Tattoo: The Popular Design

The sugar skull tattoo has a deep meaning as the celebration of day of death, but in this modern day this tattoo is really popular. To get the perfect sugar skull even in small size, do not forget the elements of bright color, flower and writing on the forehead. The design and coloring of the skull will be up to you as there isn’t a typical design. Since it is […]

Photo of tribal sleeve design on the right hand

Tribal Sleeve Tattoo Designs with Aztec Theme

Tribal sleeve designs are definitely one of the favourites for the sleeve tattoo. However, the tribal design is something common so that you might be able to find the similar looking tattoo owned by more than two men. If you want to have a tribal sleeve with a distinctive design, then the Aztec theme is worthwhile taking a look at. For your information, the Aztec theme is not a new design […]

Gorgeous Sugar Skull Owl Tattoo

Sugar Skull Owl Tattoo – The Epic Tattoo Idea

Sugar skull owl tattoo is just like the new idea to make skull tattoo to be more epic. Sugar skull is originally is designed in festive with its bright color and flower ornament as the backdrop. However, it is not a harm thing if there is another element is touch down on the sugar skull tattoo. One of best idea is adding owl as the backdrop. It will be great […]

Amazing Tattoo Ideas for Female

Some Amazing Tattoo Ideas – Best Tattoo Ideas Ever Made

Amazing and Best Tattoo Ideas – As the time goes by, there are plenty amazing tattoo ideas for tattoo lovers that sometimes so unbelievable and mind blowing. The combination of stunning tattoo design and optical illusion bring such amazing look toward the tattoo designs. Hence, the tattoo design looks as if it is real thing not merely a picture. This kind of tattoo shape such unique dimensions that make your eyes carefully […]

Image of skull and rose idea for lower sleeve

Rose and Skull Sleeve Tattoos for the Scary Impression

I can’t imagine someone wanting to get a tattoo purely to scare someone, but it does happen. If you are looking for a scary tattoo, then the rose and skull sleeve maybe be the one for you. It will not matter what your size, it will scare most people. If you were to have the rose and skull as a full sleeve it would look even scarier. This is the […]