Koi Fish Tattoo Sleeve

Koi Fish Tattoo Sleeve as the Symbol of Luck and Power

Koi fish tattoo sleeve is not very popular in the western area. However, it turns out that this kind of fish is very famous in the Asian region, especially in China and Japan. The Koi fish is actually from the area of Persia, but it turns out that Japan and China are the countries that are considered as the owner of this kind of fish. That is because, in the […]

Cool Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Cool and Unique Design of Wrist tattoo

If you love to draw tattoo on your wrist, then here are some wrist tattoo ideas which are beautiful and cute. Wrist tattoo can be anything but usually in tiny size. Most women the idea of wrist tattoo because it creates such a nice look to women wrist. Butterfly, flower, ribbon and even word can be the ideas for wrist tattoo. Wrist tattoo can be a good starter for women […]

Zombie Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Women

Horrific Zombie and Super Creepy Zombie Sleeve Tattoo

People can see zombie almost everywhere (on movie and game mostly). This “walking dead” creature undeniably is so horrifying. They are no longer human but a piece of scary hungry creature who loves fresh human meat. However, if you are typical zombie geeks, you will love these zombie tattoo ideas. Even though you are not, you keep love these ideas. There are variations in zombie design tattoo ideas. It means, […]

Zodiac Tattoo Ideas

Unique Zodiac and Inspirational Virgo Tattoo Ideas

Zodiac and Virgo Tattoo Ideas – Do you want to make your zodiac symbol as your tattoo? Here are some zodiac tattoo ideas which simple but bring uniqueness to you. First you can use zodiac sign of yours. Usually, the sign is kind of simple symbolism yet meaningful. Second, if you love it, you can combine your zodiac symbol image with your zodiac color and zodiac element. Third, if you don’t […]

Baby Tattoo Sleeves for the Family Oriented Men

Baby tattoo sleeves can be considered as something uncommon. That is because many people consider that a tattoo is one thing that symbolizes power and strength. On the other hand, the baby is one thing that symbolizes otherwise. However, having a baby tattoo on your arms or forearms is not a shameful thing, especially if you are the type of family oriented man who already has a baby. This kind […]

Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs Ideas for Men

Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Men with Religious Symbol

Half sleeve tattoo designs for men with the religious symbol are getting more and more popular nowadays. After the design of dragon, the tribal, and also the Aztec theme, the religious symbol is becoming one nice option that many men can try for the sleeve tattoo design. If you also want to try this kind of design for your half sleeve tattoo, then you might want to try the example […]