Great Tattoo Ideas for Women

Beautiful Female and Feminine Design Tattoo Ideas for Women

Female body art – Females and body art in this present day are and age is common – no longer taboo. Yes, body art is no longer associated with big burley males or old marine man. The development of body art designs and the moral shift that has made people change their perception toward body art. Female body art designs are so perfectly and beautifully engraved in the females skin […]

Upper rose design sleeve tattoo

Show Your Personality Through Body Art

How do you define yourself? Will you express yourself through body art? What will it look like? Have you ever heard about sleeve designs before? If you love body art, you might consider a sleeve design to represent your personality. Body art is mostly used by people in order to show their personality among other reasons. However, some people use this on parts of their body that can be totally […]

Sugar Candy Skulls Tattoo Design

Sugar Skull Tattoo for Those You Loved

Sugar skull designs are great designs to commemorate someone you love. Having sugar skull design must have a deep meaning, since this has its own meaning to represent a dead person. Based on the Mexican tradition, having a sugar skull design must include some elements and every inch of the design element must be designed correctly. The elements that must be considered are size, color, writing on the forehead and […]

Cross Tattoo On Arms

The designs of the cross are without a doubt, very vibrant and can be very colourful. The Cross was worn to identify Christianity, and a religious symbol. If you were wanting to show it as a symbol of Christianity, you would have a very dramatic Jesus Christ hanging from the cross. Always remember, there are a lot of non-religious crosses that you can choose from if you do not want […]

Arm Tattoo Sleeves for Men

Dragon Design for Men

Tattoo sleeves for men can come in many various designs. Even though you can have a lot of design for the sleeve tattoo, one of the best designs is the dragon design. Dragon is considerably one of the best designs for this kind of tattoo because of two things. The first thing is the thing that is symbolizes by the dragon and the second thing is the artistic of the […]

3d dragon tattoo design

Sexy Tattoos for Guys

Tattoo ideas guys – A lot of guy’s vacation resort to tattoos to express their particular personality; mainly to show their particular manhood and sexy facet. In this article, we’ll be discussing numerous tattoo designs along with body locations where look great and interesting on men any time inked superbly by a gifted tat artist. Tattoo ideas guys Koi fish is definitely a popular selection for men because of the […]