Blue 3D Bytterfly Tattoo

3D Butterfly Tattoo

It is amazing to have 3D design on your body. Why a butterfly? Because they can be pictured beautifully on your body, especially for women. It makes you even sexier especially when you put it in your shoulder, neck or back. It is very symbolic and has many meanings. It can show a cheerful mood, freedom and the beauty of life. The life cycle of a butterfly symbolizes every stage […]

A Real Heart Tattoo

Heart Tattoos

There are many meanings of heart designs. It can be interpreted as religious symbol, in remembrance of people you love and many more. It also can be translated as love, passion and adoration. Every person who has heart design, definitely has their own meaning. As we mentioned above, it could be love, passion and adoration. However, a heart can also have the opposite meaning if a heart has been broken, […]

Beautiful Bird Motive Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor Tattoos

What is this? Yes it is literally like it sounds. It is an implementation of watercolour painting onto your skin. Watercolor is one of the most recent style out there. Watercolor designs look like a painting on canvas, in fact it is depicted on your skin. It is a combination watercolour painting and tattooing. This kind of style is still using the same technique and tools, like other styles. Point […]

A Real 3D Steampunk Broken Heart Tattoo

3D Broken Heart Tattoo

We would like to share some broken heart ideas or designs. Most of us have experienced a broken heart at sometime. Many reasons cause this, but for sure, this is an unpleasant experience. Most likely the reason is a broken relationship. Many of us wants put it or eternalize this experience into the body art. This could be as a reminder for us to be careful of the relationships we […]

Small Flower Toe Tattoo Ideas

Cute and Small Tattoo Ideas for Women

Small ideas – Each design has different meanings for each person. A design can be the symbol of something or the characteristic of the owner that has specific meaning. The design can be made in small or large, based on your needs. For some of you who willing to take the first step, it is better if you make it in small. There are some cute small ideas you can […]

Couple Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas

Romantic Wedding Ring Tattoos Ideas

If you and your fiancé are looking for something romantic within you both, wedding ring body art can be the most romantic thing to do. While other people think you might have gone crazy, we strongly believe that it is a unique and gutsy action to show them that you two are actually madly in love with each other. Before choosing the design, you have to consider its model. Celtic […]