Full Back Tattoo Ideas

Main Tips to Choose the Best Upper Back and Back Tattoo Ideas

Upper Back and Back Ideas – Because there is such a vast area to play with, the design you choose can be small or large. If you decide to go for a large design, you can be very creative. A lot of designs start small and then grow into a masterpiece over time. This can also be due to the cost involved in starting with a large design. And not […]

Lower body lettering tattoo idea

Write Down on Your skin

Many ways people use to appreciate something special, such as a name, an important date, motto of life and many more. Body art is the one way to do that. With using lettering, we can write the things that are important to us and know that we will be happy to live with this forever As the part of the artwork, the letters can be written in any font style […]

3D Bicep Tattoo Designs

3D Arm Tattoo

By definition, 3D or three dimensional means a form that has width, height and depth. In body art, it can be pictured as an image that has or shows a dimensional image that has widht, height and depth. Have you ever watched 3d movie? You feel the movie like a real image, you feel as if the characters are jumping out to you. The world we live in is formed […]

Angel Wing Tattoo Ideas

Elegant Angel and White Tattoo Ideas for Best Skin Look

Angel and White Tattoo Ideas have been one of the most incredible body decorations you can get. When you want to have an elegant look, you can get angel design for your body. In some cases, an angel reflects beauty and also elegance towards the owner. So, there will be no mistake when you want to have this kind of design on your skin you will definitely be creating an […]

Awesome Vegas Tattoo Ideas

Unique and Playful Video Game Tattoo Ideas Compared to The Using the Temporary Vegas Tattoo

Video Game and Vegas Body Art – Whether you are a hardcore fan of certain games or not, having video game body art applied on your body can be an amazing thing to do. While the picture can represent the relation between you and the game, since you are a huge gamer, the unique and playful concept portrayed by the sketch can generally display that you are actually a really […]

Best Mexican Sugar Skull Tattoo

Mexican Sugar Skull Tattoo

Mexican sugar skull tattoo is one of great design that has deep meaning. Based on Mexican tradition sugar skull is used as the representation of love for dead person. The design of sugar skull is very artistic. The sugar skull design also has a goal to show that the skull is not always frightening, and it can also be beautiful with its ornaments. There are some considerations if you want […]