Buddha tattoo on belly full colors

Laughing Buddha Tattoo

If you are looking for a fun design, the laughing Buddha is the one for you. The laughing Buddha symbolizes happiness, wellbeing and joy. In Feng Shui he is used as a positive aspirations to obtain things such as wealth, abundance, good health and success. The Chinese are great believers in the laughing Buddha’s abilities in bringing good luck and fortune. There are very few Chinese businesses that do not […]

Japanese Tattoo Ideas for Guys

Exotic Japanese and Vietnamese Tattoo Ideas

Exotic Japanese Tattoo Ideas – Vietnamese Tattoo Ideas on the Back Japanese and Vietnamese  Ideas – Having a Japanese or Vietnamese design would be considered as decorating your body. Besides having a beautiful decoration for your body, you will be showcasing a masterpiece. Japanese ideas can be the drawing of geisha, sakura tree or anything that is related to Japanese style. Dogs are very important to the Japanese and a […]

Soldier tattoo design on shoulder

Some Shoulder Tattoos That You Can Choose

Some Shoulder Tattoos That You Can Choose Shoulder tattoos are very popular, it is arear that is very visual and very popular for males. This area gives men the opportunity to show their masculinity. Designs that incorporate the shoulder and part of the back of the neck can also look incredible. The design would predominately cover the shoulder and trail off up the neck. An example of this would be, […]

Simple heart tattoo design

Heart Tattoo Designs

Heart Tattoo Design as the Symbol of Love Another post for heart designs! Yes, this topic will never get enough. There are always new ideas and designs. Some people say that the heart is something that represents the real you. If you feel strongly enough to show your love heart tattoo designs is a way of showing your love for your beloved ones. The heart can also incorporate the name of the […]

Neo Traditional Tattoo Sleeve

Traditional Tattoo Sleeve Filler that Will Attract People’s Attention

Traditional sleeve designs are very popular these days. These are popular with both men and women. The reason for it’s popularity is, aesthetically it looks great. Therefore, if you want to have this kind of tattoo, you might want to pick something that will attract people’s attention, and you can do this simply by choosing the best filler. Animals are one type of filler that you can use in your […]

Small Sugar Skull Thigh Tattoo

Sugar Skull Thigh Tattoo: Pretty Sweet Tattoo Placement

Sugar skull thigh is one best areas for the placement of this design. It looks really good on women who love to tattoo their body. Even sugar skull design is a kind of sacred thing which is represented about the honor for the death of a person. In this modern day it has become one of the popular designs which can be placed on any part of body. To get […]