Cool Temporary Tattoo Sleeves

Temporary Tattoo Sleeves Are Something You may Consider

Temporary tattoo sleeves can be an option if you do not want to feel the pain or be permanently inked. The temporary tattoo is getting more popular in countries where inking is considered as something against the culture. If you belong to a culture that is forbids inking then a temporary design may be the way for you to go. A temporary design is similar to having the body painted […]

Back bons flower tattoo idea for black women

Back Tattoos for Black Women

Women with darker skin tones need to look at designs that require more color. There are some ideas in our gallery for your back tattoos. Can you imagine how it would be if you were to apply a black color to your body, it would be totally lost. You can get around your body with bright colors such as red, green or blue. It will give you a beautiful combination. […]

Simple rose chest tattoo design

Rose Chest Tattoo for Females

Whether you have large or small breast, a rose chest tattoo look great. Your options are unlimited as there are some many different types of roses. When people think of a rose, they automatically think of a red basic rose. If you were to look at different rose types, you would find there are hundreds, and they all come in the forms, from a bud to a full blossoming rose. […]

Half Sleeve Cross Tattoo for Girls

We are back. Today, it is not taboo for females to show ink on their body. Cross design has always been popular for males, as a symbol of Christianity, a symbol of love or simply because it can just look great. Females have decided it is time for them to show how fabulous a cross design can look. The female cross does tend to be more delicate in design and […]

Flower Girly Arm Tattoo Ideas

Girly Tattoo Ideas for Young Woman

Girly Tattoo Ideas for Young Woman Girly tattoo ideas are perfect for young females who want to wear a tattoo, since it won’t attract to much attention. Moreover, it has such a girly look that will beautifully engrave on your skin. These design ideas appear in distinctive choices such as swirly butterfly, swirly flower, swirly star, ribbon and many more. At the beginning you can engrave the design in small […]

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with Sugar Skull Tattoos

3D Flowers and Nature Tattoos

3 Dimensional Body art: Three dimensional tattoos or known as 3D would be a new style of inking. It might be more expensive than normal tattoo. 3D body art gives additional amazing ideas. 3D actually create assertion rather than picking up ready-made collection designs that you can obtain creatively by coming up with your personal artist. 3D Flowers and Nature Tattoos This kind of style appears like a unique work […]