Half Sleeve Cross Tattoo for Girls

We are back. Today, it is not taboo for females to show ink on their body. Cross design has always been popular for males, as a symbol of Christianity, a symbol of love or simply because it can just look great. Females have decided it is time for them to show how fabulous a cross design can look. The female cross does tend to be more delicate in design and […]

Skull Tattoos with Girly Design

Skull designs for women are a kind of evolution which is usually thought of as something morbid and scary. The skull does not always have to be shown as something frightening or morbid, even with a skull design women can stay still feminine and elegant. The design would be different for men and it would show their masculinity. To get a feminine look, it can be attached and decorated with […]

Stars on the neck

Star Tattoos – Obtaining Ideas for a Simple Design

Simple tattoo ideas – Whilst trying to decide on a star tattoo design, your innovative thoughts can go wild. The actual creativity and possible designs of this kind of down-to-earth object may increase in to an awesome thing of beauty. So where can we start when attempting to find fresh ideas for a star tattoo? Getting ideas can be found studying books, the actual constellations or considering photos regarding other […]

Heart Tattoos

There are many meanings of heart designs. It can be interpreted as religious symbol, in remembrance of people you love and many more. It also can be translated as love, passion and adoration. Every person who has heart design, definitely has their own meaning. As we mentioned above, it could be love, passion and adoration. However, a heart can also have the opposite meaning if a heart has been broken, […]

Best dragon tattoo for big size

Dragon Tattoo for Everyone

We are sure you know that a dragon tattoo can be good for both men and women. There are a lot of variants how a dragon can be depicted in your tattoo. Big or not very big dragons, black or colorful dragons, everything is possible here. You can choose any spot on your body to have a dragon. A dragon will look perfectly on your back, but in a case […]

Rose Tattoo for Girls

Every girl wants to be beautiful. When girls select tattoos for themselves, they should pay their attention to tattoos that denote beauty and charm. These are rose tattoos, of course. Roses are special flowers and a girl with a rose tattoo surely feels that she is special too. This flower is charming and luxurious, but at the same time it has thorns, so it means that it can protect itself […]

Unique and Playful Video Game Tattoo Ideas Compared to The Using the Temporary Vegas Tattoo

Video Game and Vegas Body Art – Whether you are a hardcore fan of certain games or not, having video game body art applied on your body can be an amazing thing to do. While the picture can represent the relation between you and the game, since you are a huge gamer, the unique and playful concept portrayed by the sketch can generally display that you are actually a really […]

Skull Head Tattoos that You Might Like

Skull head tattoos are one of the best tattoos that you can get for your body. This kind of tattoo is considerably nice and will give you a more manly impression. However, finding the best design for the skull head cannot be said as an easy thing to do. That is because there are a lot of tattoo designs of the skull head that you can try. As an addition, […]