Cool Temporary Quote Tattoo

Temporary Quote Tattoo for Girls

Life can offer many twists and turns and there may have been something along the way that you would like to be reminded of forever or just a short time. What better way to be reminded, incorporate it in your design. It may be a verse that you do not want to be reminded of daily for the rest of your life, if this is the case look at a […]

Elf tattoo

Cover up Tattoos

Is Cover up Tattoos Achievable? Do you think you will like your tattoo forever? Or maybe you can get bored oneday and then you just regret that tattoo. What are you gonna do when we are facing this situation? We’ve got a good news about this matter. The good news is you can go over cover up your tattoo for just some individuals, and you may demonstrate it to a […]

Skull Tattoos with Girly Design

Skull designs for women are a kind of evolution which is usually thought of as something morbid and scary. The skull does not always have to be shown as something frightening or morbid, even with a skull design women can stay still feminine and elegant. The design would be different for men and it would show their masculinity. To get a feminine look, it can be attached and decorated with […]

3D Flowers and Nature Tattoos

3 Dimensional Body art: Three dimensional tattoos or known as 3D would be a new style of inking. It might be more expensive than normal tattoo. 3D body art gives additional amazing ideas. 3D actually create assertion rather than picking up ready-made collection designs that you can obtain creatively by coming up with your personal artist. 3D Flowers and Nature Tattoos This kind of style appears like a unique work […]

Some Shoulder Tattoos That You Can Choose

Some Shoulder Tattoos That You Can Choose Shoulder tattoos are very popular, it is arear that is very visual and very popular for males. This area gives men the opportunity to show their masculinity. Designs that incorporate the shoulder and part of the back of the neck can also look incredible. The design would predominately cover the shoulder and trail off up the neck. An example of this would be, […]

3D Arm Tattoo

By definition, 3D or three dimensional means a form that has width, height and depth. In body art, it can be pictured as an image that has or shows a dimensional image that has widht, height and depth. Have you ever watched 3d movie? You feel the movie like a real image, you feel as if the characters are jumping out to you. The world we live in is formed […]

Japanese Tattoo Writing for Your Forearm

Japan – is a fascinating country with its own old history, the mystical culture, unique art of writing. The latter feature attracts people from other countries to study its oriental culture of writing. Especially popular tattoos in the form of characters. The best place for a Japanese design is a shoulder or forearm. You can choose any word that aptly describes you or your outlook, and place it on your […]

Zebra Tattoo and Owl Tattoo Ideas

Well, you can think that there is nothing more special about tattoos with animals. But this is not true. Now we would like to tell you about zebra tattoos. A tattoo of this kind can be both funny and serious. There is no need to say that this animal is always enchanting, and its colors will look really nice on your body. First, you can have a zebra itself depicted […]