RIP Brother Tattoo Designs

RIP Tattoo in Honor of Your Dear One

It is always sad to loose someone whom you really loved. But, unfortunately, it happens to all of us at least once in our lives. We want to have some memory about those people, something that could remind us of the days spent together. If you would like to have a RIP tattoo, it is a nice possibility to perpetuate your dear people who, alas, have passed away: your parents, […]

Sugar Skull Tattoo Ideas

Sugar Skull Tattoos with Flowers

Sugar skull tattoos with flowers are designs as the combination of spooky and beauty design. Sugar skull tattoo is designed more artistic and aesthetic with complex pattern and color combination. There are lots of designs of sugar skull tattoo you can design yourself. Moreover, the size are also variants; small, medium or even large. Even it design with flower, it does not mean it is only for girl, men are […]

Old style lterring tattoo

Romantic Lettering Tattoos for Men

A tattoo is a nice means to express your feelings, your thoughts, and your mood. This is something that is not always accepted in society, but nowadays more and more people strive to have a tattoo, sometimes even a big one. We would like to tell you with confidence that a tattoo can help show feelings. This is simple: you just have to use a lettering tattoo. It’s a perfect […]

Small Sugar Skull Tattoo: The Popular Design

The sugar skull tattoo has a deep meaning as the celebration of day of death, but in this modern day this tattoo is really popular. To get the perfect sugar skull even in small size, do not forget the elements of bright color, flower and writing on the forehead. The design and coloring of the skull will be up to you as there isn’t a typical design. Since it is […]

Tribal Sleeve Tattoo Designs with Aztec Theme

Tribal sleeve designs are definitely one of the favourites for the sleeve tattoo. However, the tribal design is something common so that you might be able to find the similar looking tattoo owned by more than two men. If you want to have a tribal sleeve with a distinctive design, then the Aztec theme is worthwhile taking a look at. For your information, the Aztec theme is not a new design […]

3D Abstract Tattoos Ideas

3D stands for three dimensional and having three dimensional form. Any graphics or object can be projected in 3D nowadays. Previously we were viewing objects in 2D. 3D is a new way of viewing an object, it gives additional depth. Every person in the world is unique, so it is normal when someone wants to have a unique design. Making a design is a real art, and as with some […]

Christian Tattoo as One of Religious Tattoos

Your body and your skin could be a nice place to show your faith. Of course, tattoo is not just something about leisure, entertainment or fun. Serious and vital things can also be depicted in a tattoo. Religious tattoos are quite widespread now, because many people want to demonstrate that religion is important for our lives. The most popular religious tattoo is a cross tattoo. It is considered to be […]

Progressive Tattoo

Free tattoo ideas – Tattoos are the most recent trend today, particularly among the youthful crowd. Have you been too anticipating to get tattooed? Well, finding a tattoo done is really a trend which has been around for a very long time. Initially, tattoo ideas have been more or less standard in nature. Generally, people desired their identification or that relating to their family member to be tattooed on their […]