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Christian Tattoo as One of Religious Tattoos

Your body and your skin could be a nice place to show your faith. Of course, tattoo is not just something about leisure, entertainment or fun. Serious and vital things can also be depicted in a tattoo. Religious tattoos are quite widespread now, because many people want to demonstrate that religion is important for our lives. The most popular religious tattoo is a cross tattoo. It is considered to be […]

Viking Tattoo – Virgin Mary Tattoo Ideas for Your Forearms

Viking and Virgin Mary tattoo ideas – Many people love Vikings, some people are using the Viking as the basis for their design. If you want a Viking design, then you might want to try some of these ideas. The first one is the Viking face. If you want to apply design, you might want to consider a part of your body that is considerably large so that you will […]

Sugar Skull Thigh Tattoo: Pretty Sweet Tattoo Placement

Sugar skull thigh is one best areas for the placement of this design. It looks really good on women who love to tattoo their body. Even sugar skull design is a kind of sacred thing which is represented about the honor for the death of a person. In this modern day it has become one of the popular designs which can be placed on any part of body. To get […]

Epic Design of Cool Tattoo Ideas – Stand Different with Unique Tattoo Ideas

Unique and Cool tattoo ideas – There are lots of designs of tattoo you can make on your skin, but do not make it ordinary and common as similar to the others. Create something new and different to show your personality and specific message over your body. Cool tattoo ideas that we serve you here will make you look so epic in front of others while you show the tattoo. Get […]

Watercolor Tattoos

What is this? Yes it is literally like it sounds. It is an implementation of watercolour painting onto your skin. Watercolor is one of the most recent style out there. Watercolor designs look like a painting on canvas, in fact it is depicted on your skin. It is a combination watercolour painting and tattooing. This kind of style is still using the same technique and tools, like other styles. Point […]