3D Abstract Tattoos Ideas

3D stands for three dimensional and having three dimensional form. Any graphics or object can be projected in 3D nowadays. Previously we were viewing objects in 2D. 3D is a new way of viewing […]

3D Flowers and Nature Tattoos

3 Dimensional Body art: Three dimensional tattoos or known as 3D would be a new style of inking. It might be more expensive than normal tattoo. 3D body art gives additional amazing ideas. 3D […]

3D Arm Tattoo

By definition, 3D or three dimensional means a form that has width, height and depth. In body art, it can be pictured as an image that has or shows a dimensional image that has […]

3D Butterfly Tattoo

It is amazing to have 3D design on your body. Why a butterfly? Because they can be pictured beautifully on your body, especially for women. It makes you even sexier especially when you put […]

3D Broken Heart Tattoo

We would like to share some broken heart ideas or designs. Most of us have experienced a broken heart at sometime. Many reasons cause this, but for sure, this is an unpleasant experience. Most […]