feather tattoo design on the hip

3D Abstract Tattoos Ideas

3D stands for three dimensional and having three dimensional form. Any graphics or object can be projected in 3D nowadays. Previously we were viewing objects in 2D. 3D is a new way of viewing an object, it gives additional depth. Every person in the world is unique, so it is normal when someone wants to have a unique design. Making a design is a real art, and as with some […]

3D Bicep Tattoo Designs

3D Arm Tattoo

By definition, 3D or three dimensional means a form that has width, height and depth. In body art, it can be pictured as an image that has or shows a dimensional image that has widht, height and depth. Have you ever watched 3d movie? You feel the movie like a real image, you feel as if the characters are jumping out to you. The world we live in is formed […]

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with Sugar Skull Tattoos

3D Flowers and Nature Tattoos

3 Dimensional Body art: Three dimensional tattoos or known as 3D would be a new style of inking. It might be more expensive than normal tattoo. 3D body art gives additional amazing ideas. 3D actually create assertion rather than picking up ready-made collection designs that you can obtain creatively by coming up with your personal artist. 3D Flowers and Nature Tattoos This kind of style appears like a unique work […]

Dragon Design for Men

Tattoo sleeves for men can come in many various designs. Even though you can have a lot of design for the sleeve tattoo, one of the best designs is the dragon design. Dragon is considerably one of the best designs for this kind of tattoo because of two things. The first thing is the thing that is symbolizes by the dragon and the second thing is the artistic of the […]

Koi Fish Tattoo Sleeve as the Symbol of Luck and Power

Koi fish tattoo sleeve is not very popular in the western area. However, it turns out that this kind of fish is very famous in the Asian region, especially in China and Japan. The Koi fish is actually from the area of Persia, but it turns out that Japan and China are the countries that are considered as the owner of this kind of fish. That is because, in the […]

Progressive Tattoo

Free tattoo ideas – Tattoos are the most recent trend today, particularly among the youthful crowd. Have you been too anticipating to get tattooed? Well, finding a tattoo done is really a trend which has been around for a very long time. Initially, tattoo ideas have been more or less standard in nature. Generally, people desired their identification or that relating to their family member to be tattooed on their […]

Rose Tattoo to Show Your Charm

Even such a widespread flower as a rose can give a way to your imagination, especially if this flower is depicted in a tattoo. Roses are drawn on girls’ bodies mostly, but it does not mean that a man cannot have a rose tattoo. He just has to combine the rose with some other, more male images, such as guns, for example. But still, a rose is a good means […]

Tribal Sleeve Tattoo Designs with Aztec Theme

Tribal sleeve designs are definitely one of the favourites for the sleeve tattoo. However, the tribal design is something common so that you might be able to find the similar looking tattoo owned by more than two men. If you want to have a tribal sleeve with a distinctive design, then the Aztec theme is worthwhile taking a look at. For your information, the Aztec theme is not a new design […]