Orchid Flower

Flowers tattoo and meanings

Alstroemeria aspiring Amaryllis dramatic Anemone fragile Apple Blossom promise Aster contentment Azalea abundance Baby’s Breath festivity Bachelor Button anticipation Begonia deep thoughts Black-Eyed Susan encouragement Camellia graciousness Carnation Pink gratitude Red flashy Striped refusal White remembrance Yellow cheerful Chrysanthemum Bronze excitement White truth Red sharing Yellow secret admirer Cosmos peaceful Crocus foresight Daffodil chivalry Delphinium boldness Daisy innocence Freesia spirited Forget-Me-Not remember me forever Gardenia joy Geranium comfort Ginger proud […]

Italian Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Irish or Italian Tattoo as Your Favorite One

Let us talk about your personality, your favorite activities, your favorite countries… It is not accidentally that we have decided to talk about these things: the matter is that all this is connected with tattoo making. A tattoo can help you express your character and your preferences. Do you like traveling or are you dreaming of getting to a beautiful country? Or may be you want to have a tattoo […]

Old style lterring tattoo

Romantic Lettering Tattoos for Men

A tattoo is a nice means to express your feelings, your thoughts, and your mood. This is something that is not always accepted in society, but nowadays more and more people strive to have a tattoo, sometimes even a big one. We would like to tell you with confidence that a tattoo can help show feelings. This is simple: you just have to use a lettering tattoo. It’s a perfect […]

Strong Dragon Tattoo Idea

Dragon Tattoo for Everyone

We are sure you know that a dragon tattoo can be good for both men and women. There are a lot of variants how a dragon can be depicted in your tattoo. Big or not very big dragons, black or colorful dragons, everything is possible here. You can choose any spot on your body to have a dragon. A dragon will look perfectly on your back, but in a case […]

Twin Rose Tattoo Idea

Rose Tattoo as a Special Symbol

Would you like to have a beautiful tattoo on your body? As you know, roses denote beauty, so why not to make a rose tattoo on your skin? Roses look nice both for women and men. Men can combine roses with some other drawings, and in this case their tattoos will have more male look. Women can have roses in different variations. Their roses can be combined with other images […]

Scroll Writing Tattoo Designs

Meaningful Quotes as Tattoo Ideas

The most effective means to express feelings are words. Sometimes we underestimate words, consider them to be a lie, but in many cases it is really hard to say the words you would really like to say. A tattoo with a quote will help you in that. You can express your ideas, feelings, thoughts, and wishes with the help of a quote tattoo. You can let others see what you […]